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Week 10, Part A Researching Email Marketing

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Week 9 Part B Using Categories

Categories on a blog are a great way to group together different posts in order for readers to more easily find what they are looking for. They help to organize your blog site into broad groups which can then be broken down further into sub categories. I think this is a great idea to keep the page looking clean and easily navigable. Having these categories also helps to make sure your posts are staying relevant to your industry. Since my business is cookies I would have a category for Flavors. Perhaps I would use this category to discuss new recipes, customer favorites, holiday and seasonal flavors etc. Another category could be Local Events where I would discuss the events our company would be attending or which farmers markets we would be selling. I could also use this category for posts to talk about other businesses in the area.  Because my business was started with a family recipe, I like to keep my business with a "close to home" feel. For this reason I could have a thi

Week 9 Part A

Depending on the type of business you have, your blog, social media, website, etc. will be specific to such, making it different from another type of business' blog.  However, regardless of what type of business you have, adding elements of personal touch in your blog can really work well to capture your audience. The goal of advertising and blogging is to connect with your audience. And how do you make connection? You use emotion, humor, relatable content, this all helps to get the person to remember you and hopefully become a customer. No matter your business, you can always find a way to add a personal touch. It may not connect with everyone, but you'll gain a few new followers or customers with the extra effort. I really believe there is always room to add a personal touch in a post no matter the topic or the business. Of course you want to get to the underlying point, which is "Buy my product or service." which I really don't think you can be successful at wi

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

Visual media is definitely useful in my type of business. Customers really want to see images and videos to create an experience for them. In turn, this will more likely persuade them to buy my product. To get a better idea of how other companies in my industry are using visual media it's a good idea to look at their Instagram pages. By checking their number of followers, use of hashtags, types of posts and engagement received on those posts, this may help me to better understand how I can utilize similar techniques to grow my following. One local cookie company is called The Cravory. They have 31.8k followers and they post just about everyday. Their latest post was 11 hours ago (March 19). I would think Instagram is effective for them at least somewhat. They really are only using photo posts. There are not any video posts and the engagement is pretty minimal compared to the number of followers they have. Most posts are getting less than 50 likes and zero comments. They use about 4

Week 7 Part B

I viewed many of the Instagram accounts in our class and I love that everyone is getting their business pages started. Whether they had them since before the class or are just starting out now, I'm very impressed with everyone's work. The three accounts from my group that I commented on were Jan Walker, Morgan McCray, and Sue Godwin. These three have entirely different businesses but all great concepts.  Jan Walker's Instagram is to promote a consulting business, Morgan McCray has a business where people can create their own Kpop outfits, and Sue Godwin has a no-kill animal shelter. Because of the different nature of each of these businesses, they would require each different types of posts in order to capture their target audience. Morgan McCray can have a more colorful and fun type of theme, where as Jan Walker would want something more serious, maybe more neutral colors, with a lot of business inspiration. Sue Godwin would want something with lots of cute photos, but als

Week 7 Part A

I currently already have an Instagram account for my cookie business. I tend to use the story feature to post updates of where I will be that week, such as when I'm at the Farmers Market. I will also use story posts when a customer tags me in their own story after they've made a purchase. I use normal posts to share photos and updates with the company. I post both videos and photos to keep it interesting. I find that posting solely photos can get a bit boring and my audience tends to enjoy seeing me in the videos. I find them both to be very useful. I tend to get a lot of engagement on my posts and I feel if I had some training I would be able to make even better use of this platform. Currently I have 2,689 followers and I can't wait to get more.  I have never really used hashtags, I suppose that's because I didn't know how to use them efficiently. I don't know what would be useful. I follow many other business profiles and personal accounts. Although, I need to

Week 6 Part A

So a while back, maybe in October or November I met with a guy who owns a co-packing business in South San Diego. I was interested in working with him to have his bakers do all my baking and packaging for my cookies. I had heard really great things from a number of people who work in the same commercial kitchen with me. Having the convenience of professional bakers who all the necessary equipment and accurate weight measurements to provide me with a consistent, packaged and sealed product every time was very enticing.  So I went and met him at his facility where all the magic happens and I was blown away by the amount of cookies they would be able to produce for me each month. I sat along side his bakers for 8 hours that day, watching them measure and mix and scoop and bake and then package and seal each cookie individually. It was an incredible experience and I learned a lot. Not just about how to better bake the cookies myself, but it opened my eyes to the world of food distribution.